COVID-19 Updates


Last updated: Friday 22 October  2021, 1:35 am

Partial lift of Victoria's lockdown at 70% vaccination rate


As of 11.59 pm on Thursday 21 October 2021, Victoria is easing restrictions but brick and mortar retail will remain closed until early November 2021. At The Furniture People,  our physical warehouse/showroom will remain closed to the public until early December 2021 and we will continue our normal operations online and continue to deliver state-wide.

When will the physical warehouse/showroom open again to the public? 

Given the uncertainty around covid restrictions and vaccination requirements, our physical warehouse/showroom will remain closed to the public until December 2021. Our aim is to keep our clients and staff safe and we will re-assess the situation early December 2021. However, when restrictions ease off further for Brick and Mortar early November 2021, you will be able to request an appointment to view a particular product at our warehouse. 

 Can I order online?  

We continue to work around the clock to assist you with any sales queries. Chat with us or call us anytime. Some of our staff continue to work remotely and our warehouse is also adequately manned should you require a video call or more photos for a particular product (provided the product is available on display at our warehouse). 

 How can I view a product? 

We expect brick and mortar to be allowed to be operate again early November 2021 when 80% of eligible Victorians are vaccinated. When this happens our warehouse/showroom will remain closed to the public until December 2021 but we will offer appointments to clients who wish to view a particular product provided it is on display at our warehouse. Speak to one of our sales representatives if you would like to request an appointment then. We also offer video calls from our warehouse if you wish to view any product remotely.  

 Can I Click and Collect? 

You sure can. The 15-Kilometre travel is now lifted so you can click and collect your items. There are still restrictions in place between regional and metro Victoria so if you are located in regional Victoria you might need to wait a little more to be able to click and collect at our warehouse in Montmorency VIC 3094. 

We continue to deliver across Victoria and interstate and our delivery services continue to operate normally. We will now be able to deliver your items inside your home instead of at the door. Where possible however, we recommend that you continue to accept delivery at your door as a precautionary measure. 

 Is Covid-19 still impacting orders? 
We are still seeing disruption in the supply chain globally and delays at multiple ports due to Covid-19 infections and strikes. We have updated our website with the latest availability of products and have increased our lead time to factor in these foreseeable delays. Whilst the lead time has overall increased, we have been able to deliver most orders during the lock down periods  and we continue to work extra hard to service all orders.  Talk to us about any concerns you may have and we will give you relevant information about the particular item you are interested in. 

 Unaswered questions? 

Hit the chat button now or call us anytime.  

Keep safe,

Shaz Maharaullee
Managing Director,
The Furniture People