Steel Corner Wall kitchen cabinet/cupboard with 2 doors - Exclusive White Flatpack DIY

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Fill out all your kitchen’s weird corners

Create a stunning kitchen with the Steel corner wall kitchen cabinet in the Exclusive range. This flat pack corner kitchen cupboard will allow you to maximize your kitchen space and add more storage.

Modern handles and slow motion hinges characterise this wall cabinet with a steel build that's resistant to rust and mold.

With just a quick wipe with a damp cloth, your cabinet will look like new again.

Feel free to add more cabinets with matching ones in the same range, and play around to get the look and design you want.

Assembly Complexity: High
Assembly Manual:

Product Specs & Dimensions

Steel Corner Wall kitchen cabinet/cupboard with 2 doors - Exclusive White Flatpack DIY
Full Set 91.5 x 87 x 69 CM
Width A (in cm) 91.7
Width B (in cm) 87
Door Steel
Shelves Steel
Frame Steel
Handle Aluminum Handles with ABS Pointers
Hinges Metallic
Primary Colour White

Depending on the models, our cabinets are 100% steel , Medium Density Particleboard (MDP) with melamine laminate , and Medium Density Particleboard (MDP) laminated with stainless steel.  The benchtops are laminated. 

On each model we have specified the material used for each kitchen including all parts and accessories such as legs and handles.

Our kitchens all come from Brazil.

Yes, our kitchens will arrive in flat pack boxes, and will require assembly. We do not provide assembly services but we can refer you to independent third party contractors who can assist.

Not that easy. You will have to have advanced expert technical knowledge so you can follow the assembly instructions.  The instructions manual are available on each product listing.

Yes, you will need to screw the base cabinets into the wall so they do not move. The wall units also need to be securely mounted on the wall to avoid accidents.

Similarly, taller units will need to be secured to the wall safely. We recommend using qualified contractors with insurance to perform these tasks.

As a rough guide, assembling a kitchen is more complex than a coffee table or TV unit.
Kitchen assemblers charge anywhere between $65-$100/ hour depending on their expertise. A medium kitchen take about 5 hours to be assembled.

Before buying a kitchen from us, it is recommended that you contact your assembly contractor and get a quote so you can factor in the cost of assembly. Ask them about installation as well and ensure they have the right insurance in place.

No, we have done the work for you and are giving you ready made options for you to choose from.

Unfortunately you cannot customize our models by adding or removing modules. They are sold as is and the measurements are fixed.

Unfortunately, we do not provide this option. We cannot change the colour of a particular model.

No, our warehouse is open 7 days a week and you can visit to see the models on display. You can also shop on our website and chat and video call with us if you have any questions regarding the models.

Yes, they are all in stock and can be dispatched straight away or you can pick up from our warehouse.

We have provided a filtering option on the website where you are asked to enter your dimensions. We then show you the models that will fit.

Using steel makes your kitchen more durable. Resistant to corrosion, humidity and water, our steel kitchens are powder coated thus do not support mold or fungus growth. Your kitchen looks like new for longer.

Unless there is a product fault with the items, we are unable to accept returns because of assembly concerns. These items require expert technical knowledge so they can be assembled correctly.

You will need to hire expert help if you are unable to assemble them yourself. For more information regarding product fault versus assembly error please CLICK HERE.

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