Pawse before you purchase
  • 01 Apr 2021

Pawse before you purchase

5 tips for picking the pet-friendly sofa of your dreams -

Cause we know you’ll eventually give up your favorite spot for your four-legged furry friends




Pets have the knack of breaking the few rules you lay out for them.

But having a pet doesn’t mean you have to wrap all your furniture in plastic. 

You might have to work a little harder to keep your favourite pieces looking like new, but by carefully choosing the right material, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining your sofas over the years.



Check out these 7 juicy tips that’ll help answer all of your pet related furniture questions:


1.Light Weave fabrics are your friend



Your pets can now stretch all they want on your couch. 


The tighter the fabric weave, theless likely it is to catch on your pet’s claws. We have plenty of fabric options for you.

If you’re looking to sit a tribe, our Abraham 7 Seater Modular Fabric Lounge Suite with Chaise is perfect for you. 

End the day peacefully with a warm and comforting drink, with your pet in your lap on our Missouri Recliner Armchair.  It’s The best option to relax after a long day, and give your furry friend the attention it deserves.

Soft, plush and padded in all the right places, the 5 seater Juan Fabric Recliner Armchair, will help you create what will quickly become the favourite spot in your house.


Click here to reveal our extensive range of fabric lounge suites, 2+ seaters, recliner,armchair, and even sofa beds

When you’ve made your choice, head on over here to see how long your favorite piece will take to reach you.




2.Leather Will make your life easier






Any veteran pet owner will tell you: leather is the best choice when you have animals at home.

It’s durable, wipesclean, and won’t snag claws!Besides, a little wear and tear add to the distressed look.

Genuine leather is the best option if you don’t want to change sets every few years.

Looking to fill a corner in your room? Our Charlotte 3 Seater Corner Lounge Suite with Extensible Seats is exactly what you need. The extensible seats will give you and your lil furry buddy ample space to lounge. Ideal for mobility challenged people, it sits lower on the ground, which makes it easier to get up and down.

Give in to luxury and a royal touch with our Chesterfield sofas. The Melton Chesterfield Leather Lounge Suite Set (3 Seater & 2 Arm Chairs) will easily lift up the décor of your room. High quality sturdy wood and high grade leather combination make it a timeless piece, strong enough to withstand the caprices of your little furries.

Discover our collection of leather sofas in armchair,recliner, modular, and 2+ seater options here.

3.Slipcovers will save the day




Maybe you don’t want to blow your budget on an expensive setright now. 

And that’s perfectly fine. 

Whatever your reason, keep yourself sane and keep your pet by investing in high quality slipcovers. Some companies offer ones that you can snap on and off in seconds, making it easier to remove when you have friends visiting.

But if you still want a new sofa set without breaking the bank, our Albert 2 Seater Fabric Sofa is a good place to start. 

Perk up any room and effortlessly add an extra seat with our affordable Asterson Accent Chair. This Piece will stand out without dominating your living room. With matching cushions on your sofa, you’ve instantly created a unique sofa set, only you have!

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4.Patterns,Texture, and Colour hide fur



If you can’t be bothered to clean or didn’t have time to (it happens to the best of us!) , a sofa set which matches the colour of the fur of your lil buddies is a clever way to ‘hide’ the shedding. 


We’ve found that medium-toned grays and creams, with tints of brown and black through them are the best for hiding fur (yes we’re pet owners too!)

Our Eaglemont Fabric 3 Seater Sofa or the Cranbourne 4 Seater

Fabric Sofa with Chaise are great options to blend in the fur.Besides, they are comfortable, easy to clean, and meet pre-approved wearability and durability AHFA standards.

Your options are HUGE. Hop on over here to order the exact piece that matches your pet.

Have a friend over with his dog too? Check out these sofa beds that will never leave your friends sleeping on the couch again. 

His furry friend will be happy to sleep on the bed too!




5.When all else fails, HIDE it!




If you have tried all of the above with no success, Don’t Panic!

Throw Pillows to the rescue!

Hide scratches and loose weaves by adding a few throw pillows to your favourite sofa or chair. 

They also tend to prevent pets from sitting on the furniture.

If your pet does make a mess, however, the pillow is more likely to bear the brunt of the damage. And we can all agree that a cushion cover is easier to clean or change than your whole couch!

Throw pillows look stunning on our Lincoln 7 Seater Modular Fabric Lounge Suite with Chaise large enough to sit your whole family and your 3 dogs.

 The Werribee Fabric 3 Seater Sofa can be easily accentuated with accent pillows since its understated grey colour can be matched with almost everything!

Our ENTIRE collection is waiting for you here. Order now and if you have any questions you can contact us.We’ll more than happy to help!



There you go!


Pets are family members and little compromises, like choosing sofa sets that will cater for their needs, are what keep family together. 

At TFP, we bring you a huge range of textures and material so you don’t have to choose between style and comfort. 

We hope your little furry friends are happy now!



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