If you need assembly services, we can refer you to relevant contractors who can assist. You will need to negotiate with them to agree on the cost and timing. Please note that these contractors are referrals only and you are welcome to shop around to find better services.
Most of our flat packed items come in boxes that will need assembly. On our website, we try to put as much information to assist with assembly information, such as the assembly instructions, how much assembly is required and the difficulty level. For instance some flat packed items require 100% assembly, whilst others might only require 10% assembly such as items like lounges. Regarding the difficulty level, we base this on the assumption that the average customer is slightly handy. If you need more assembly information regarding a particular product, please talk to us so we can answer your questions.


We are here to help and we will assist you. If you are having trouble assembling an item, you can send us a video at to explain where you are stuck. We will try our best to assist.
We use the help of independent qualified technicians to assist with this and  you will be required to pay upfront for the services. The charge is $80 for the initial hour and $40 for every extra hour. We will advise upfront how much time approximately we think this might take based on the information you have provided. When the technician arrives at your place, he/she will independently make an assessment and provide a report to determine if the assembly issue relates to a product fault or an error in assembly.
If it is a product fault, we will refund you the amount paid for these services fully. If it is an assembly error at your end, the technician will help you fix the issue and you will not be refunded. If the technician fixes the issue quicker than estimated, you will be refunded the difference.


We are unfortunately unable to assist with installations in your home. For instance, we are unable to mount any furniture on walls. You will need to hire an independent qualified contractor if you need assistance with installations.