The EASY way to buy your kitchen
  • 29 Jul 2021

We understand how tedious it can be to renovate a kitchen. We've simplied the process for you with an easier way to buy your kitchen.

I  Know your cost upfront


Choosing our kitchens is exactly like shopping for furniture. Each kitchen is priced clearly, so you can budget better with no hidden costs.

What you see is what you get.

II  Ready-made kitchens

To help you in your renovation journey, we’ve put together an easy guide.

Why ready-made kitchens?

For the longest time, we’ve been engineered to want things yesterday.

That’s why we launched ready-made kitchens. Just plug in the kitchen into your existing layout and you instantly have a new kitchen.


Our ready-made kitchens are priced for every budget, challenging the accepted notion that a new kitchen has to cost a fortune.

Decisions, decisions …

Ever heard of decision fatigue? Don’t worry, it won’t happen to you. We have made all the decisions already.

From the cabinetry, the material, to the doors, panels and handle style and colour, our models are effectively pre-designed for you to take away and fit whenever it suits you.


Measurements - get them right the FIRST time

Flat-pack kitchen units often come in individual modules. For inexperienced buyers, it is difficult to know which units to choose to get to the final kitchen.

If you get the measurements wrong, trying to fit the modules will make you lose your sleep. You might request the services of an expert, but this comes at a cost too.

Sounds like a headache? For us too.

With our kitchen units, the only measurement you’ll have to take is of the overall unit rather than individual modules. The chances of getting it wrong are - you guessed it - ZERO.

Plus, instead of looking for someone to take your measurements, simply enter your kitchen dimensions on our website and see all the kitchens that will fit your space.

It’s that easy!


III  75 years of expertise

When choosing our kitchens, you’re choosing designs we thought best for you and tailored according to your usage. Designs chosen with our 75 years of expertise in the kitchen industry.

Relax, we know what to look for and we have done all the thinking.

Looking for a kitchen for everyday use? Our premium range ‘Gourmet’ is what you need. Modern and with doors coated with stainless steel, this kitchen is ultra-resistant to markings and chips.

Need to furnish a granny flat or second kitchen? Our budget range features basic kitchen equipment, no fuss.
All the material for the cabinetry, benchtop and doors have all been thought out and pre-designed for your EXACT use.


IV  Instant delivery

Get it quick, get it NOW!

Just like buying furniture, pick the kitchen of your choice and get it delivered instantly. They are all in stock.

This considerably reduces the downtime between your old kitchen and the new one. Which means more time for you to focus on the important stuff - making pancakes in your new kitchen.